Snowdrops & Convallaria

Snowdrops "In The Green"

An award-winning duo of snowdrops. Shade-loving, dainty, sparkling white blooms poke their heads above ground in January and February, brightening up your garden while most other plants slumber. They’re supplied as bulbs “in the green”, with delivery in March, the perfect time for planting. Bulbs “in the green” are easier to establish, giving you much more success than traditional bulbs.

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Convallaria Neue Vierlander

£1.20 each (10 plants)

Convallaria "Neue Vierlander"

In the language of flowers, lily of the valley signifies the return of happiness. Highly scented white bells nod in the breeze in late spring on arching stems, forming clumps, and filling your garden with fragrance Supplied as bare roots: delivery from March, the perfect time for planting.

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