Climbing Hydrangeas & Capivating Clematis

Hydrangea Seemannii

This rare, evergreen climbing Hydrangea will add year-round interest to your garden. In early summer, egg-shaped buds and clusters of greenish-cream flowers emerge and unfold with unprecedented beauty, each flowerhead meausring up to 18cm across and lasting until autumn. Easy to grow, this climber will add beauty to any arch, trellis, wall or other garden structures. Supplied as 8cm pots. Delivery in 14 days.

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Clematis Kokonoe

Shortlisted for the Chelsea Plant of the Year in 2019, this Clematis is a real head-turner. Flamboyant, ruffled double blooms appear from June all the way through to October against lush green foliage, giving months of colour. Ideal for planting in containers and for covering arches, walls and other garden structures. Supplied as 9cm pots. Delivery in 14 days.

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