Bulrush Peat-Based Compost

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Bulrush Peat-Based Compost (RT16COM1)
£12.00 - 20 Litre Bag x 1
Bulrush Peat-Based Compost (RT16COM2)
£13.50 - 20 litre Bag x 2


Bulrush professional peat based compost. Contains Forest Gold Plus which improves the physical structure and air porosity of the compost promoting faster root growth and plant establishment. Used by nurseries to give excellent plant growth, flowering and fruiting, this premium grade, professional multi-purpose, peat based compost is ideal for use in hanging baskets, pots and containers too. . u2022 Forest Gold Plus is lighter than peat making the mix easier to carry. u2022 Forest Gold Plus is made from local sustainable forest resources which are FSC approved. u2022 Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium and trace elements are incorporated into the mix to give just enough plant nutrients to ensure vigorous, healthy growth of plants at all stages in a wide variety of growing situations.

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