Agapanthus everblooming Summer Love Blue

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  • Flower Colour Blue
  • Hardiness Tuberous perennial
  • Flowering Time Long Flowering, Summer & Autumn
  • Aspect Full Sun
  • Height 40-50cm (16-24)
  • Spread 20-30cm (8-12)
  • Other Bees and Butterflies, Flowers For Cutting/Drying, Ideal for Beginners, Pest Resistant, Suitable for Container
  • Category Perennials
  • Type of garden Container Gardening, Contemporary Gardening, Cottage Garden, Cutting Garden, Small Gardens, Urban Garden, Wildlife Garden

Agapanthus everblooming Summer Love Blue (RTW09YAS3)
£19.50 - 3 young plants (£6.50 each)
Agapanthus everblooming Summer Love Blue (RTW09YAS1)
£13.00 - 1 young plant


Most Agapanthus bloom for around 6 weeks, however 'Summer Love' has been specially bred to be much more floriferous, starting in May and continually flowering right through to September. This compact variety will only reach up to 50cm making it perfect for those with limited space.Strong stalks are capped with clusters of open, trumpet-shaped blooms, creating spherical flower heads that almost seem to float above the strap shaped foliage. Thick fleshy roots store fluid and nutrients to enable these low-maintenance plants to flourish in poor dry soils, whether in containers or borders. Excellent as cut flowers, lasting well in a vase.

Cultural Notes

  • Soil - Fertile and well drained.If heavy soil, mix in grit.
  • Position - Full Sun
  • Cutting - Yes
  • Flowering - July to September
  • Additional Information - They prefer to have restricted roots. Apply a balanced liquid fertilizer weekly in the weeks before flowering. Do not overfeed as they will stop flowering and produce lush foliage. Provide winter mulch in colder areas. When planting in heavy soils or pots place grit/crockery at the bottom of the hole to aid drainage. Hardy perennial.