About Us

Yvonne founded Hayloft Plants from an old oak kitchen table back in 1993. In recent times, Hayloft has grown beyond measure, moving from a kitchen table to an office desk and are embracing an ever-expanding team of individuals who share the same ethos and high-quality standards that were ingrained from the very beginning.


Today we are a successful mail order company, with Yvonne still at the forefront of the business leading the way. Aside from working with fantastic commercial partners like the Radio Times, we can also be spotted at a plethora of shows and events throughout the year or easily contacted through our numerous social media channels.


Why choose Hayloft?
We understand that it takes confidence to order your plants by post.


Here at Hayloft, we scrupulously nurture and care for our plants from the time they enter our greenhouse to ensure the best quality. All plants are checked regularly and are hand-selected based on strict criteria before dispatch to our customers.


Plants in Greenhouse

To ensure the best establishment of your plants, we provide detailed growing and cultural information and all packages are packed in our extra sturdy boxes ensuring the packing protects your precious living purchase.


Simply the Best

We are renowned for offering a substantial portfolio of an ever-changing range of plants; we pride ourselves on sourcing unique and rare varieties for you to showcase in your own garden.


Offering superb after-care service, are our friendly customer care team who are ready to offer professional guidance and advice throughout your planting journey.


We are keen to continuously follow the latest trends, predicting future styles and colour schemes, whilst maintaining comprehensive varieties of our favourite garden staples.


Should you require any further information, please call us on 01386-562999.