Radio Times Gardening Catalogue

Warming Whites By Plant Hunter, Lark Hanham.


White, reflecting and scattering away light from your shade-loving plants.


This hand-picked selection will provide your garden with pure white tones throughout spring and summer; add a subtle addition to your vibrant colour blocked borders.

Suitable for many different garden areas, including sun or partial shade, our range of exclusive offers will help you complete your ultimate garden look.



Galega officinalis Alba
£4.00 each (3 plants)
Lychnis flos-cuculi White Robin
£4.00 each (3 plants)
Astrantia Shaggy
£6.00 each (3 plants)
*Get the Look* Collection 1
£5.00 each (6 plants)
Crambe cordifolia AGM
£5.00 each (3 plants)
Epimedium Mandarin Star
£6.66 each (3 plants)
*Get the Look* Collection 2
£5.83 each (6 plants)



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